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Disconnect, rest, get inspired, feel alive!

Discover the Back to La Tierra experience 

Soul, Soil or Art Retreat?

We all need a break sometimes to re-evaluate what we are doing and why we are doing it. We also all have our personal preferences. Choose your personal option: soul, soil or art combined with a restful stay in simple elegance.


Decide a date and pick your company

Once you decide what you want, the next step is when and with whom. A solo retreat, just time for you alone? Or bring your partner an/or your friends? In our Studio or our BtLT apartment?  We can accommodate up until 6 people in our three accommodation options. 

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Let's Create your Retreat

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Richard, UK

“We couldn't say what we liked most because we loved everything."

Noelia, Madrid

"This 'tierra' has offered me moments of solitude, stillness, love, peace and understanding."

Chara, Australia

“Back to La Tierra is a gift to a crazy world that just needs to exhale”
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