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A real good deal

So when did 'a good deal' turn into 'the cheapest possible price'?

You can't miss the 'last minute' holiday offers everywhere. The platforms we work with such as Airbnb and Booking are incessantly suggesting that we cut our prices to be more attractive. (They are of course not cutting their commissions.) It is impossible to lower prices without someone losing out somewhere which is why large corporations, whether travel related or otherwise, are so good at it. They are simply passing on the price cut to another level in their business structure.

For small businesses such as ours, relying on our own input and that of volunteers, this is not possible to do. Money comes into the same wallet it comes out of.

Which is why, based on the principle of Small is Beautiful, a study of economics as if people mattered (non-affiliate link to a large corporation ;) at Back to La Tierra we believe in giving you more than you expect instead of just reducing our prices.

For our last available week in August we have this special offer with extras:

Accommodation in our Back to La Tierra Apartment for 2-4 persons including:

* an introduction into regenerative living (on first morning of your stay)

* a dinner with us at our table d'hôte

* tips & tricks for homesteading

* insider tips for restaurants/beaches and outings

* guided morning yoga practice in our garden (9:00-10:00)

A stay at Back to la Tierra is so much more than a bed for a few nights.

Last available week in our two bedroom/two bathroom/kitchen apartment

Check in: Saturday 7 Aug - Check out: Sunday 15 Aug - 8 nights €1320

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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