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Begin again, any day.

2019! Who doesn't love a chance to begin again?

A new year, a new diary, new plans and resolutions. I love the first of January just like I love a Monday, a new month or a birthday. Deciding to do things differently and change habits can be tough which is why we often need to admit sometime in March that things didn't quite go as planned. Old habits creep in and new habits fade away.

Isn't it a wonderful relieve to hear that it happens to most of us?!

There is good news though.

You can always begin again.

You can begin again in April, on a Wednesday or 6 months and three days after your birthday. A clean slate is always there for you at every moment. So consider that when you feel disappointed about how your resolutions turned out.

Just ... begin again.

Back to la Tierra is a place that inspires to re-evaluate and re-plan  the small and bigger things in life anytime of the year.

You decide.

Our rooms are ALMOST ready to be photographed and put online. We are loving how they are turning out and can't wait to get your feedback! 

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