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Building soil together

We had our first Introduction to Permaculture workshop last Saturday and enjoyed it tremendously! It makes us realise that we are on the right track. When we decided two years ago to start this project we were full of doubts and when things don’t go (or grow) the way they were planned, we still have those moments.

Days like last Saturday make them disappear, seeing the interest in a more natural way of gardening, the enthusiasm about our garden in development and the plans that participants have to implement regenerative ideas in their home/garden/lives.

During the workshop Paul touched on various subjects such as the history of soil, the soil food web and practical information on getting started. There is so much to share and the group signed up for the follow up planned for next month. The introduction will be a regular workshop every other month. Send us a message if you want to sign up/be kept in the loop.

Thank you to the participants of last week's workshop for being inquisitive, curious, enthusiastic and kind. It was a real pleasure!

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