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Happy spring lovely people! It's a beautiful weekend in Andalusia in spite of another year of having to miss the Easter processions. We have had our own celebration as it is 2 years ago this week that we received our first guests at Back to La Tierra. We held an Open House yesterday to offer a tour of our garden and accommodation to those who had not yet had the opportunity to see it. By scheduling three different times we were able to host small groups so there was an opportunity to share information and have a lovely snack in the garden amidst the fragrance of the orange blossom.

We are looking back on a fulfilling day making new friends and deepening friendships with existing ones. Feeling happy for being together in an old fashioned way and enjoying each other’s company. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our human connection amidst blooming flowers, ripening fruits, singing birds, quacking frogs and beautiful & delicious plant based snacks by La Libelula

Looking back, so much has happened at Back to la Tierra in two years! We will be sharing BEFORE and AFTER photos every day this week so watch your inbox!

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