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Earth Matters on a local scale

It was a pleasant surprise to see an article on Back to La Tierra in the Earth Matters section on page 10 of the Sur in English of this week. The Sur in English has been providing information to the

English-speaking residents and visitors in southern Spain since 1984.

You may wonder why this newspaper, in Spain, is in English but the Costa del Sol has had a very large international community for over 40 years and we are very happy to be able to share our project with them through this piece. This newspaper is a compilation of the week in the Spanish papers and comes out on Fridays.

I remember before the internet days it was THE way to find anything! It’s great for an overview of events on the coast as well if you are coming over for holidays.

Thank you Tony Bryant! May this piece contribute to reconnecting with our local community on multiple levels.

PS: Tony is also an author of several books of Spanish theme. If you are interested in authentic stories and background about Flamenco and the gypsy culture you must check out his books.

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