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from Back to La Tierra, back to the world

Living in a bubble is often associated with escapism as we shut out everything which is hard and heavy. I have a new take on this: living in a bubble is fine if that is what you need to remember everything that makes living precious and beautiful.

Our last retreat guest just checked out after 8 days of staying at Back to la Tierra with Adriennlivingonlight. Every time we are warmed by these groups of people who come together as strangers and leave with a feeling of connection and deep transformation. During this time we are all in a bubble of joy, loving kindness and space to feel and be.

The participants have come together from all over the world (South America, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Cataluña, France and Mallorca) and during that week everyone has the same intention for which Back to la Tierra holds space.

I am trying to imagine them all spread around the globe again, each with a little Back to La Tierra in their heart after an impactful stay.

As we hugged, Astrid said: “Well, back to the world!” and I didn’t miss a little apprehension in her voice. I also didn’t miss her vibrancy and shine as she got into the taxi. The world will be so much richer with a little share of her bubble as she travels back to New Zealand.

Costa Rica, Cataluña, France and Mallorca you are all in for a treat. This kind of joy is infectious!

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