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It's a sign

Imagine a tree which blooms with these beautiful flowers in February and then transforms into an abundant almond supplier. Driving through the campo during this month, is magical, with mountains covered in clouds of soft white against a blue sky. It's the first sign of spring, of nature coming back to life after a winter period of strengthening roots and storing energy. Our natural environment is always a reminder of what is best for us too.

I hope you are all blooming in a similar way.

One of the ways we have been strengthening our roots at Back to La Tierra is by refining where and how to invest our energy. One of the changes we will be making is how we want to reach out to you, our community, our BtLT friends, past and future guests and permaculture students.

The social media platforms feel increasingly controlled by algorithms and advertisers. We are not complaining, they are a business and as long as we expect it all to be for free, we are the product. The problem is that we feel our message is getting a little lost in cyberspace. Social media has great advantages, it is quick, easy and (hopefully) reaches many of you. It is also becoming very tempting to scroll mindlessly amidst all the other online noise.

Online, as well as in real life, we want BtLT to be an opportunity to stand still, take a breath and observe. Feel alive, connected, an opportunity to grow and charge our batteries.

From March we will be sharing all our garden, (permaculture) course, booking updates on this page. If you have signed up for this before, well done and thank you! If you happen to read this as a surfing visitor and you want to be kept in the loop (max once a week) please sign up below. We think it may be more pleasant if you can find your own Back to la Tierra moment to read our short, inspiring, happy and informative updates. You can respond to us in that same email if you have any comments, questions or just want to say "Hi!".

Looking forward to deepening our connection as we all make plans for a more natural, relaxing and enjoyable year ahead.

Our doors will be re-opening on April 1st!

The first 3 bookings will include:

  • a dinner invitation at our 'table d'hôte'

  • a morning yoga practise

  • an in depth permaculture garden tour

  • a portrait painting workshop with Paul

  • a basket filled with the our own harvest in season!

At Back to La Tierra you can do as much or as little as you want as we are close to everything, but away from it all.

Come and see for yourself.

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