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Let's talk elephants

At Back to La Tierra we think it's important to acknowledge the obvious, especially when times are confusing and we're all frantically searching for ways to defend our own logic.

There are a few elephants in the room and we would like to address them:

1) Are the risks of contagion higher in Spain? we don't know, nobody knows. What we do know is that if you feel vulnerable, Spain is probably the best place to be as the mask and glove protocol is being adhered to in all public places. At Back to La Tierra we are a mask free environment (you can ofcourse wear a mask if you prefer) because we will only accommodate a maximum of 6 guests at a time and there is enough space to keep the distance if you want/need to. There are endless walking /hiking tracks close by where you won't run into anybody.

2) Will the summer vibe be weird due to the beach being divided into controlled sections? Some of the usual busy beaches will be implementing some sort of system to limit the beach getting overcrowded. This may in fact turn out to be an enormous blessing in disguise. If you prefer to make your own decisions, there are quiet beaches which will not be controlled in the same way. We can tell you where.

3) Should I not just vacation local this summer? We are very much in favour of staying local. Your local businesses will need it. We are very happy to see a similar development here and are noticing a lot more reservations from people who live in the area and had no idea we were here. This summer will give us a chance to build up our local community and maybe you will discover some local gems where you are.

4) Isn't this the perfect time to come to the Costa del Sol in the summer? One of the advantages of coming to the coast now is that it is a lot quieter than a 'normal' summer. The more roomy distribution in restaurants is rather pleasant, you will be welcomed with open arms (metaphorically) and you will learn from the Spanish that not even a mask can hide their 'alegria'! At Back to La Tierra things will be much the same. We always offer our guests space, privacy, quiet and open arms.

5) Should I stop flying all together? Should I never eat meat again? Should I stop using cash? Should I flee the city and run for the hills? Should I sell my house and live in a yurt? These last few months have had an enormous impact on people's lives and people's minds. The stakes seem existential on both sides of the argument. These things take time, our priorities will be personal and our decisions should allow for a change of mind.

In most public debate the elephant in the room is being bashed around. Sometimes we just need to open the door, let some air in and let the elephant out. We are not going to figure this all out immediately but we have to make sure to keep shedding a light on our truth.

Wishing you a happy summer wherever you are and whatever you do!

Marina & Paul

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