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looking down with respect

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

looking down with respect at the ants

Posted by Marina

Whilst there is so much beauty around on eye level we sometimes lose sight for all the small life, living below. There are a number of large ant nests on the land that never have a siesta. Their contribution is indispensable as they create air in the ground by the tunnel systems they dig out. Some parts of the soil are very hard and rocky so worms can not find their way, here the ants take over. Their cooperation is magical, I could observe them for hours. Every environment requires a different speciallisation and if we let nature run its course it will find a solution for every problem, if and when the environment is in balance. (The noise in the background is the water pump topping up the pond.)

I apparently kept the phone the wrong way around whilst I was filming which is why our dog Laika appears as if flying in from space. (Read about Paul's ant theory here.)

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