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Making black gold for your garden

We have 3 spots left (max 8) in our "Compost - the new gold" course on Saturday 31st of October, 10:00-15:00 are you in? Let us know here More details here

We got some great feedback from our first workshop group saying that it was very informative, inspiring and good fun in a beautiful setting and atmosphere!

In the introductory course Paul explained the importance of a healthy soil. Composting your organic waste and adding it to your soil will feed all the micro organisms in it and improve the structure so it can hold more water and oxygen. Hot composting is a fast way of turning your left overs of the garden and kitchen into compost and it has several advantages over the traditional way. After a short theoretical introduction, you will get started in this course with setting up a warm compost heap. In the days that follow, you are very welcome to come and see the spectacular development or you can follow it online on the link we will provide.

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