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Mijas Pueblo, the perfect village

A short drive uphill will take you straight into Mijas Pueblo, our dear village. It is admirable how authentic it has remained in spite of welcoming tourists since the 70's. I always try to make time for a stroll when I need to visit the post office and every time am enchanted and surprised how pretty it is. Its winding streets and beautiful views of the mountains and the coast. Pre-C times the village was packed with bus loads of visitors every day. Mostly Asian. Economically the village has been hit hard over these last 2 years. Souvenir shops and restaurants are struggling, some have closed.

And yet, the village feel has never been stronger. People living their lives, neighbours catching up on the latest local news, grandmothers taking the little ones for a walk. I overheard an old man reminiscing how the goats walked through the streets when he was a little boy. The lady sweeping the street, her eyes glistening, replied she was relieved they no longer do. She would have to clean up after them. They laugh. Little human village snippets, such healing energy in digital times.

Ever since Spain became my home in 1978 I have admired Spanish ways. Visitors from Northern Europe often like to point out the imperfections. No, it’s not always perfect, thank goodness. There is so much beauty and humanity in imperfection Mijas Pueblo is s short drive up the mountain from Back to la Tierra, parking is easy. Wear comfy shoes and take a breathtaking (in more ways than one, it can be steep!) walk through the village. Have your cortado & pan con tomate in the sunshine. Life doesn't get more perfect than that.

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