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The power of creative energy

One of the greatest joys of working with volunteers from the helpx community is the continuous flow of new, creative energy. Over the last 10 years all individuals who have helped and contributed to Back to la Tierra have literally left their mark on the land. Whether it is by helping to build a woorden tool shed, make the fence, create a bridge, facilitate access to the lower garden by building stairs, improving our online presence, cooking delicious food, cutting down the bamboo wilderness or planting trees, bushes and shrubs, we feel their presence as we walk through the garden and show people around. Creating together has got to be one of the most magical aspects of life.

At present Jeanne (from Paris) and Tristan (from Lourdes) are staying with us. Their original plans of traveling back to Australia had to be postponed and they decided they needed to go south and discover Andalusia. It turns out Tristan is, amongst other things, a professional welder and Jeanne has decided she wants to do everything that she hasn't done in her corporate city life. Two young people who represent all the changes the world is going to need.

Practically this means that they are helping us build a steel pergola to support our wisteria. I am already imagining how it will feel to walk through this tunnel which will bring shade to the guest suites by a cover of blue flowers. Jeanne & Tristan will briefly be on my mind whilst I do, wishing them well on their next adventure together.

We are all connected.

Our friends often wonder where we get our enthusiasm and positivity from when we talk about the current world scenario. It is this creative energy that helps us to imagine what is possible when we open our minds and our hearts and trust the process that is unfolding.

Live well, hasta pronto.

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