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"The problem is the solution" - theory in practice?

Buenos días from Back to La Tierra, hoping you are all calm and staying healthy in these strange times. Spain declared the state of emergency yesterday afternoon and although that sounds a little scary basically means that everyone (except those helping to protect us in various ways) can officially stay at home to safeguard themselves and thereby others. Of course some people have had to go to do some last minute shopping as we all want to minimise needing to go out as much as possible. Contrary to the social media posts of only empty shops and people fighting over toilet paper I find the atmosphere calm with some obvious underlying tension.

What this means for us in Spain is that all shops, restaurants, museums and theatres etc will be closed for the next two weeks apart form supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations.We have guests from the Netherlands with us now who are hoping to fly home on Tuesday. We have also had some guests who have sent us messages wishing they were with us in quarantine ;))

Our thoughts are with those who are not well or feel at a high risk of getting sick, and their families. For the rest of us we believe it is important to limit social interaction as much as possible, so just stay at home. These may turn out to be very interesting times for all of us.Now that most people will have more time on their hands and we will not have any guests to talk to, we are considering posting videos of the projects we are working on now at Back to La Tierra and are wondering if this is something that would interest you?

Please let us know in the comments as a lot of time can go into these things and we want to know that it will be time well spent, otherwise we will continue planting other seeds ;))

Take care of yourselves and others and remember, in permaculture ‘the problem is the solution’. We may discover just that during these times ahead. (See The Problem is Always The Solution - One of the most important concepts in permaculture)

Stay grounded,

Paul & Marina

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