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What was 2019 all about?

On the last 47 Sundays I have woken up with you all in my mind. Wondering what I would be sharing with you on that day, trying to find the balance between what's important to us, what we think everyone should know and obviously, what we think you may enjoy reading.

I reviewed them all recently. Subjects varying from The importance of Chilling, different permaculture principles such as water catchment , looking versus seeing, and the meaning and our practise of yieldmulching and building soil.

We shared some of our day trips with you to Antequera & Gaucin. We talked about compost toilets and our first experiments with solar cooking

Some of the earthy newsletters were more general in introducing ideas about mindfulness, the trust economy and how we should reinvent efficiency.

There were some funny ones on our goats, some reading tips  and what we have in common with the Ritz

I introduced you to a typical paella lunch, told you about growing up on the Costa del Sol and why I love easter in Andalucia.

We reminded you and ourselves of the importance of just being, of being & doing together and what it means to reconnect.

Looking back on 2019 we feel incredibly satisfied and joyful about the experience that building Back to La Tierra into a retreat has brought us so far! It fills our heart and continues to challenge our mind and vision as we follow our curiosity every day. Your guest experience and how we can share what we have learned is always our priority and we sincerely hope that if you have not had the chance to visit us in 2019 that 2020 will be your year! May it have started well for you and may we all continue to plant new ideas, grow our talents, build resilience, celebrate harvests, share abundance and turn to the sun.

Hasta la vista!

Paul & Marina 

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