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covid 19 protocol

Whilst everything changes, come down to earth with us.

We want to let you know how we will do our best to keep our guests safe in these times of uncertainty. 


At Back to La Tierra we think it is important to stay down to earth and welcome you warmly without underestimating the potential spread of the virus.


Social distancing comes natural at Back to La Tierra as there is a lot of outdoor space to be private and only a total maximum of 6 guests (besides us, your hosts Paul & Marina living on the top floor) at any given time on the 3,900m grounds. Inside your own accommodation there are no areas that need to be shared so there are no other guests to consider. 


We have been rated super hosts 4 times in a row over the past year by our Airbnb guests and have received a 5* rating on everything including our cleanliness since our first opening day. Our hygiene services will be enhanced paying special attention to using (rosemary scented) alcohol to objects that are frequently touched such as handles, switches, doorknobs etc. As recommended by the WHO we will be using disposable paper towels for this cleaning and it will be done by gloved staff. Bed linen & towels will be washed at maximum temperatures and protective pillow covers & pillows will be washed frequently. Due to the extra time required for these measures and to allow sufficient airing of our rooms we will be keeping a 24 hour window between bookings.


We believe that besides being careful it is equally important to strengthen the immune system by exercising (you can join a small yoga group), breathing fresh air deeply (feel free to roam our land), admiring nature (feel free to roam our land), appreciate the importance of healthy home grown food (ask Paul for an introduction into natural farming), relax (find your private garden spot) and a lot :)


Come Back to La Tierra, close to everything but away from it all.

Hasta la vista!

Paul & Marina

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