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Are you living your dream?

Free video series for committed dreamers

People often tell us "You are living the dream", and we are.

We live in a beautiful place @backtolatierra that we have created ourselves, we grow our own food, we do what we love and we are generating an income by sharing our lifestyle with people who want to learn and get inspired.

Living the dream also requires taking risks, life long learning and motivating yourself and each other, every day. It turns out that the big things in life all depend on our mindset.

Are you living your dream?

If there are things you would like to do different, what's stopping you?

Our ideas are unconventional and based on creating resilience and self sufficiency which are the foundations of the freedom we aspire to. If these things are also important to you then Marina thinks she may be able to help you on your way.

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Free video series

Marina has created 10 short videos 

where she shares what she considers the main mindset tools to take the leap. These videos are offered for free but before you receive them, it's important to check they suit your needs.

Send Marina a message so she can schedule a call with you.

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