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what is it? 

Have you been asking more and more questions lately about what could be done differently? Both in your own garden/household and in the world at large? Join one of our courses. It's fun, a great way to meet likeminded souls (max 8 others) and let's just say it feels good to become part of the solution.

"By thinking carefully about the way we use our resources - food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs - it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. We can be more productive for less effort, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now and for generations to come.

This is the essence of permaculture - the design of an ecologically sound way of living - in our households, gardens, communities and businesses. It is created by cooperating with nature and caring for the earth and its people." (thank you Permaculture magazine)

disclaimer: Depending on where you are on your own journey you will consider us anything in between extremists and imposters. It is not our intention to tell anyone what to do or how to live. We do want to share what we have discovered and hope it may, at worst: trigger your curiosity and at best: inspire you to do something similar. More about us read our journal here


Paul & permaculture

love at first understanding

Paul discovered the permaculture philosophy over 20 years ago and it grabbed him ever since. Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Martin Crawford, Geoff Lawton and the list goes on of inspiring teachers both online and through their books.


Paul followed the online PDC (Permaculture Design Course) and the APSO (Advanced Permaculture Student Online) training with Matt Powers. He would love to share his knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and insight with you in our garden at Back to La Tierra.

Courses have a theoretical and a practical part. Links, further reading tips and a closed Facebook group will be at your disposal once you have joined one of the courses. Self study and a life long learning attitude is required if you want to understand how to implement permaculture into your life. You will receive a BtLT certificate from Paul when you have participated in one of the courses. This certificate is utterly useless but will remind you of your commitment to continue observing and questioning every day.

Intro course 

the basics

In this introductory course Paul will start with a tour through our garden and show you how we are transforming it into a food forest, applying the basic permaculture principles. 


Soil plays an important role in permaculture. Paul will explain why taking care of people, the earth and the future relates in many aspects to a healthy soil. You will also learn the basics of how to improve depleted or unproductive soil so that you can get started right away at home. You will see how we managed to improve our soil at Back to La Tierra in little over a year’s time.

Saturday, Sept. 26- 2020 -10:00-15:00

including light lunch, water, coffee/tea

PRICE €55 (max 8 participants)

Sign up HERE

Going deeper

building soil

In the basic course you learned the importance of a healthy soil. Composting your organic waste and adding it to your soil will feed all the micro organisms in it and improve the structure so it can hold more water and oxygen. Hot composting is a fast way of turning your left overs of the garden and kitchen into compost and it has several advantages over the traditional way. After a short theoretical introduction, you will get started in this course with setting up a warm compost heap. In the days that follow, you are very welcome to come and see the spectacular development or you can follow it online on the link we will provide.

Saturday, Oct. 31 - 2020 -10:00-15:00

including light lunch, water, coffee/tea

PRICE €55 (max 8 participants)

Sign up HERE

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