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sustainable/regenerative projects at back to la tierra
Our future forrest garden in August 2019 in the blistering heat of the August sun
In the last couple of years we have developed some projects that make our life at Back to La Tierra more sustainable or even regenerative. You will find a short explanation of these projects below on this page.
We are also building a food forest/edible garden. It is a multiple year project and the basics have to be in order before we can starting plant trees, bushes, groundcover etc. Water catchment, landscaping  and soil building need to be done first. After all it's all about design. The better we plan and design, the less we will have to correct when the plants are in. 
Our mainframe is almost ready. There are 2 zones that still need more landscaping, but in the other zones we will start planting in september 2019.


masonry heater


We built a 2500 kg masonry heater (aka tile stove or finoven). In wintertime we burn 10-15 kg of wood in the morning. It heats the whole upper floor of the house. It is a very effective way of burning wood and the radiation heat is very comfortable.

reed bed filter

We are not connected to any sewage. A reed bed filter is ideal to treat grey and black water (unfortunately, we can't separate them).

After being cleaned by the plants, the water can be re-used.

the ochre room



In the South of Spain water is scarce. In Mijas, where we live we get aprox. 630 mm of water per square meter per year, which is not too bad. Nevertheless, in order not to be independent of irrigation, we try to catch the water and save it in the soil by swales on contour.

swimming pond


Chlorinated swimming water is not clean but dead. Natural living water is full of micro-organisms and waterinsects that in symbiosis with the water plants keep it clean. It gives lovely soft swimming water.

the sienna room
The Sienna Room

The Sienna Room



An ancient growing technique was reintoduced as Hügelkultur ("Hill-culture"). Wood is burried under a layer of soil and starts to decompose. It adds nutrients, water and heath to the soil and improves growing condition of plants.

We started building one but will need time to finish.

Terrace in front of the rooms leading to pool and garden

chicken tractor


Chicken are useful in many ways. One of them is the clearance of unwanted weeds. In combination with a movable coop they will happily remove the ground cover and fertilize the land in one spot and a week later in another.


Garden and Pond

Garden in Winter