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Permaculture is a holistic term used to describe sustainable ways of living. Ideally it goes beyond sustainable, ideally it becomes regenerative.
In 2006, when we arrived at La Tierra, we started to implement the first permaculture principles in the garden. But only since 2018 have we fully started building a food forrest.
Food Forests are a self-regulating and low maintenance sustainable form of plant-based agriculture. More practically termed ‘agroforestry’ it is a system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans, whilst working in harmony with nature.
LaTierra august 2019.JPG
Our mainframe is almost ready. There are 2 zones that still need more landscaping, but in the other zones we will start planting in september 2019.
Our future forrest garden in August 2019 in the blistering heat of the August sun
It is a multiple year project and the basics have to be in order before we can starting plant trees, bushes, groundcover etc. Water catchment, landscaping and soil building need to be done first. After all it's all about design. The better we plan and design, the less we will have to correct when the plants are in. 
Click here to see which permaculture-based projects we have realized so far. We are still working on some.
Paul with soil.JPG
Paul holding some healthy soil in his hands.
Eventually it will be a low maintenance system, but it is certainly not yet. A lot of groundwork has already been done and we are now mainly concerned with mulching the soil. A lot of work, too much for us alone. But luckily there are organizations such as Help-X (
At Help-X, hosts (like us) and people who are willing to help (in exchange for accommodation and food) register.
Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 15.22.12.png
the ochre room

Terrace in front of the rooms leading to pool and garden

the sienna room


Garden and Pond

The Sienna Room

Garden in Winter

The Sienna Room

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