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Earthy arts at La Tierra

Some people have been asking Paul if they could spend some time painting along his side to see his paintbrush tricks in action! (see for an impression of his art work)

Last week Geert came by for the afternoon, he lives in Frigiliana and had seen Paul's work on the Ruta del Arte in the village last year. His wife arranged the painting afternoon as an original birthday gift.

Judging by the smiles it was an afternoon well spent! Are you interested too? Send Paul a message to 'info at backtolatierra dot com'.

Needless to say the painting is done outside with the BtLT garden, birds and food forest as a backdrop. Works wonders for a creative flow ;)

NB: Back to La Tierra is a mask free environment with endless fresh campo air. Our spacious 4000m garden with many private spots and a limited number of guests on site makes social distancing, if needed, rather effortless. We are offering talks/workshops/courses in a small group setting outside in our garden and in our open lotus belle tent varying from yoga, permaculture, art, creative writing, motivational talks & life stories from a selection of local inspirers and creatives who will be on the earthy Back to La Tierra stage. Do you want to be kept informed? Follow this space. Do you want to get on stage? Please send me a message.

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