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Roots & Resilience on Spotify!

🌱 Marina's "Roots & Resilience" Podcast: Now on Spotify! 🎙️

There's something profoundly inspirational about hearing people's stories, especially when it comes to spreading impactful ideas. And what better way to share these compelling conversations than through a podcast, available for you to listen to anytime, anywhere!

"Roots & Resilience" is your destination for exploring the stories and wisdom of individuals who live and breathe an empowered life centered on self-reliance. Join me as I dive into conversations with remarkable guests who exemplify resilience, independence, and the transformative power of community.

From homesteaders and entrepreneurs to dedicated community leaders and passionate advocates, our guests are crafting a culture of empowerment, paving the way for a lifestyle that's both fulfilling and sustainable.

But it's not just about individual journeys; it's about cultivating a community grounded in these fundamental principles.

Whether you're seeking tips for sustainable living, eager to foster your self-reliance, or looking to contribute to a community driven by these cherished values,

THIS is your compass.

Tune in to "Roots & Resilience" and let's plant the seeds of self-reliance, nurture resilience, and build a vibrant community together.

New episodes drop every Friday! Follow me on Spotify to stay updated whenever a new empowering episode is live. 🎧

Much love,


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