la tierra

Back to La Tierra is a soul driven project where we intend to bring together everything that constitutes wellbeing. Our orchard garden, where we are starting to grow our own food, is a way to reconnect with nature mindfully and learn to observe and approach life through a different lens.

Although both originally Dutch, we have lived in Southern Spain on and off, since 1978 and 1989 respectively.

Marina has an international hospitality background and is currently  dedicated to yoga and writing.

Paul has had a medical profession and now paints portraits and is an avid permaculturist.

Our children Tessa and Sebastian were born in Spain and are now traveling and studying.

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The name Back To La Tierra has a double meaning. We have moved back to our finca La Tierra (the earth/soil) after living abroad for 7 years and are creating a spot to welcome people longing for a more natural way of living. The peaceful and inspiring environment of La Tierra will bring you whatever you are ready to receive.

In this video Paul introduces himself and talks about why permaculture is so important to him.

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