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Back to La Tierra is a soul driven project by Paul & Marina. At our home in Finca La Tierra in Mijas (Málaga, Spain) we bring together everything that constitutes wellbeing. Our orchard garden, where we are growing our own food, is a way to reconnect with nature mindfully and learn to observe and approach life through a different lens.


Whether you are staying in our Studio (for two) or our Apartment (for four) it will be more than just a bed for a few nights.


It's a an experience which will nourish you on multiple levels.

Please consider:

  • Back to La Tierra is not suitable for children under 13 years due to an unprotected pool and tricky drops in the area around the finca.

  • Out of courtesy towards other guests and fire hazard it is not allowed to smoke in the rooms or in the garden

  • Our dog Beno and our three cats Pipo, Semy and Shiva live with us at the finca. Back to la Tierra may not be suitable for people with allergies.


Book them both, the apartment and the studio for up to 7 people. Minimum stay 3 days, special rates.


Garden and Pond

Garden in Winter

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