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Being well on your own

Once a month we reserve the studio for a 5 day solo retreat. Women who are in need of a little me-time to read, write, practice yoga/meditation/mindfulness and get re-inspired for life's projects.

There is no therapy or specific goal, Marina just holds space, guides a morning yoga practice and supplies a daily harvest. Whatever wants to surface, will surface. The peaceful energy of Back to La Tierra, the beautiful natural environment and cosy studio allow for a feeling of comfort and well being.

Mary Ann describes it as follows:

"It feels great to be home again. I feel completely grounded! I had a great time with you in Finca La Tierra! Seen, felt, experienced and gained so much insight.

I can recommend it to anyone who wants to be more aware and calm in life.

I absolutely enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, the wonderful space, your hospitality and of course the company of Beno and the cats.

The beautiful conversations with you have brought me so much. I still feel very calm. I now know how to ask myself the right questions in the various moments of unrest (which there haven't been many yet).

With a "strong back and open heart" I experienced this week at home. Your words are now a beautiful affirmation for me.

And then the series of yoga poses I did with you, also so nice! I have added them to my morning ritual. This week I got on my mat every morning at half past six. With the candles lit and incense I do a short meditation and the series of standing postures and some sitting. I'll see if/when I expand it later. Then the squeezed lemon, tea and the cold shower. This is how I start my day positively energetic, the boys even noticed.

Marina, I want to thank you again for so much beautiful energy, your knowledge and wisdom and the push to go out alone. To make myself feel strong and confident. To enjoy myself on my own. So special!

I hope to see you soon, who knows...”

There are only 7 days in the week and someday isn't one of them ;)

Does this sound like something you would like to experience? Get in touch here.

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