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How are you dealing with change?

Resilience comes down to setting up a system that has capacity for change. We see this on all levels: personal, cultural, ecological & economical. During these times in particular, we are all aiming for resilience.

When we started Back to la Tierra almost 2 years ago our idea was to offer accommodation in a natural environment designed according to permaculture principles. We wanted to create a place where people would feel welcome, inspired, relaxed and renewed. Building resilience. At the same time we were building resilience ourselves whilst living a life we love.

After a year of very happy guests and many new friendships travelling has now temporarily come to a halt and our accommodation is used a lot less. We are feeling a shift from welcoming guests to organising natural living workshops. We are contributing to online discussions, giving interviews for podcasts on regenerative living and writing a guidebook.

Paul has also started offering advise & consultancy for permaculture design plans for individuals and businesses wanting to adjust to changing times and wanting to contribute to improving the soil and growing their own food.

One of the advantages of a permaculture design is that resilience is one of the main goals. This means that whilst you are designing your land to build soil and grow (edible) plants you are also securing your water supply, absorbing CO2, preventing flooding when it rains, droughts in long summers. You are creating a place where you will optimise your energy on all levels, will harvest a healthy body and mind without having to pay a gym subscription ;) Show your children, friends, family and neighbours the gifts from mother nature and discover how your whole perspective changes to one of possibility and abundance.

On this picture Paul is advising this lovely young couple how to start turning their new home into a permaculture paradise. Their two beautiful boys (the older one of 2 had just gone to bed) will grow up with a very natural connection to all the earth has to offer.

Are you brewing over what to do with your outdoor space and curious to find out what's possible? Send us a message (info at backtolatierra dot com) to meet up or Zoom about your ideas.

The best time is now.

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