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our journey back to la tierra

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

We have arrived at La Tierra!

If you have ever moved you will know that it is not simply a matter of packing and unpacking. Saying goodbyes doesn’t come easy even if you are looking forward to what is ahead.

Now that we are here at La Tierra in body and soul and wake up every morning feeling more settled it is time to start preparing the foundations for the project Back to La Tierra.

Being here, walking through the wilderness of the garden, hearing the wild boar at night and seeing the green through every window of the house is such a daily pleasure!

We have started with practical chores this week with the help of our volunteers from @helpxnet

I have been reminding myself to walk my own talk these first weeks as we create a new home in our old house. Taking time to rest and appreciate little things when there is so much to do that it can become overwhelming. Appreciating the freedom of new opportunities even when that same freedom can feel daunting. Trusting and accepting that everything needs a little time, that nothing will ever be finished and that the journey helps define the destination.

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