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Planting seeds

Whilst we are planting trees, shrubs, bushes and vegetables we are very aware that our guests are planting their own seeds whilst they are staying with us. Seeds for change in some shape or form that will contribute to more wellbeing on a personal and global scale. We love the idea of planting seeds together and sharing ideas. We have decided to expand on that and for this coming season WE ARE LOOKING FOR body, mind, earth and soul related local educators to share their wisdom (in English and/or Spanish) with our growing, local community in a freelance workshop/lecture format.

Groups will be small (max 7-15 depending on the activity) and will be held in our beautiful Lotus Belle tent in our forest garden by the pond.

If you feel your insight is important to develop further wellbeing for people and planet then please send us or recommend a friend and send a short introduction to Marina of who you are and what you want to share.

You don’t have to be an ‘official’ teacher or trainer - we do require that you are able to show us your commitment to bringing an inspiring story that is based on your personal research/study/experience.

Do you prefer to listen & learn? We would love to hear what kind of inspiration you are looking for at Back to La Tierra and we will keep you informed of our offers.

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