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Ready to take your art to a deeper level?

For all you artists and Paul's fans out there, we have some great news!

Every time you rinse a brush in the sink, thousands of micro-small pieces of plastic go down the drain. No one knows exactly where they end up, but these microplastics have been found in areas where people had never been before, it is suspected that they ended up there through the rain...

It's one of the reasons why Paul switched to natural materials for his art work some time ago. Until the industrial revolution everything was organic, there was no waste, everything went back in the circle, including paint materials. Artists made their own paint from pigments that they found nearby or that someone brought with them from a journey. Binders such as egg yolk, gum arabic and linseed oil were used and the most beautiful paintings were made, which we can still admire in the museums around the world.

Other than being in a hurry, there's no excuse not to switch to natural materials, as it takes more time to make your own paint. But the satisfaction of a finished work with the products you have made yourself is more satisfying, the work of art is even more yours. The creative process starts before putting the brush on the canvas. Preparing your own colours and consistency adds mindfulness to what you are going to do with them and in some way in will influence the outcome.

Paul will be offering workshop retreats at Back to La Tierra and Panorama187, in Marbella. Check out his page HERE and the link to the video explaining the process.

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