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The benefits of anticipation

Whilst stricter governmental rules and health guidelines are being introduced every day we feel it's time to start imagining being well, free, together and happy again.

We have decided, during these times of uncertainty, to make our bookings flexible so that you can cancel and get your reservation refunded until 5 days prior to your travel dates. This means that you can book the popular vacation dates now and if things don't go as planned, yet again, you are more than prepared. Research has shown that anticipating something can be a powerful, positive emotion. Positive emotions...well I think we all need some of those. So go ahead and dream away about your next visit to Back to La Tierra wandering through our forest garden or learning how to grow your own food.

At Back to La Tierra we can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests at a time allowing for quiet, privacy and sufficient room to keep as much distance or stay as close as you want. Enjoy time together again and bring family along. Our spacious apartment for 4 (2 bedrooms with each ensuite bathroom) and kitchen and studio for 2 with outdoor space for meals, sunbathing and yoga. Get inspired to grow your own food and think about other changes that may have been in the back of your mind but are now working their way into your reality.

As soon as traveling will be possible again in Spain we will let you know about our planned permaculture introduction courses, painting and yoga workshops. We can't wait to welcome you again. The garden is our daily reminder that nature has not come to a halt.

Stay well. This too will pass.

*We are aware that our visitor guidelines are important and we will adapt our (cleaning) routine to ensure your health and safety.

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