The heat is on!

It’s mid July and the heat is on! We have air conditioning in the rooms but we are happy to see that they are only used on extremely hot evenings. One of the things we have learned during the years is focusing on keeping the body cool, not the environment. How? By taking a regular swim or cold shower. However tempting it is but not drinking cold drinks. Eating light dishes, salads and fruit. Sticking my feet in a bucket of cold water. Breathing slowly and deep helps when the heat becomes overwhelming. In our bedroom; closing the curtains when the sun shines in and opening everything as soon as it cools down, especially early in the morning.

In modern living we have become used to steady, controlled temperatures. This is also a way to disconnect from what season we’re actually in because hey, summer is hot and winter is cold. Have some watermelon, find some shade and stay cool 😎

We have some very nice and breezy spots in the garden which we will show you when you arrive!

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