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Time to generate our own wealth

"We all want to live in a world where doing the right thing is possible and makes money...shouldn't that be natural? ...If we can take what resources we have in our personal lives, in our bodies and minds and apply them we can make change happen....It's time for mature thinking."

Matt Powers is Paul's online permaculture teacher, incredibly knowledgeable and admirably articulate. His laugh and crazy facial expressions really start to grow on you. We're a fan!

This is so inspiring if, like all of us, you are feeling concerned and out of control. As it turns out, a lot of our certainties turn out to be an illusion of certainty. This may be a good time to take ourselves back to the only thing we can control: our own mind, our reactions to our reality, our attitude and our behaviour. Time to (re-)evaluate. Let's start building new soil.

Link to Matt Powers, The Argument for the Regenerative Economy

(Do you want to learn more? This is a link to Regenerative Entrepreneurship course by Matt Powers).

(26 mins, please watch until the end!)

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