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Walk the talk with us

We are offering an off grid living, educational experience week from September 17th until September 24th combining learning, discovering and relaxing in the elegant simplicity and natural environment of Back to la Tierra.

Paul and I will share our knowledge and experience with permaculture, regenerative farming, solar energy, water management, off grid choices, bio construction and mindful living. The accommodation in either our Studio for 2 or Apartment for 4 is self catering. Approximately 2,5 hours a day will be spent with us, the rest of the day you can dedicate to further studying (we have an extensive library) or anything else that makes you happy.

We have been studying and practicing natural living for over 20 years and we are still learning every day, making choices and priorities. In learning all the different elements to consider there are no short cuts to be made, there are however many things we would have liked to know 20 years ago that we had to discover ourselves. Walk the talk with us! Worse case scenario is that it will be enjoyable, but it will likely be life changing if you are a curious mind.

This week will be interesting for anybody who is considering a non conventional, independent life where work - life is not a matter of balance but of symbiosis. The price for the educational experience week per couple is from €1560 (depending on chosen accommodation and service options).

Hit reply for further info, if you receive this in your inbox.

If you are reading this on our site, go to Contact to book directly and find out all that is included in this offer.

Come back to what matters at Back to la Tierra.

See you soon!

Paul & Marina

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