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why we don't iron our bedding

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

When researching bedding material for our guest bedrooms there are many factors to consider. 

How does the material feel on your skin? Is it a natural material? How does it regulate (body) temperatures? How environmentally friendly is it? Is it durable? How practical does it need to be?

I have always loved linen. The soft, natural touch and the beautiful texture is stylish and comfy at the same time. I initially ruled it out as bedding for Back to La Tierra because the thought of ‘having’ to iron it for all our guests seemed very impractical and energy intensive both from the electricity and physical ironing  point of view 😉. 

Yesterday, when being slightly rushed and making up a bed with non ironed linen, it suddenly daunted on me. Why do I ‘have’ to iron this beautifully crinkly material? What makes linen beautiful is exactly that: the natural look and softness! 

In addition it turns out to be the best option for sensitive skin. It’s also a good environmental choice as the flax plant needs little irrigation and the natural fibers make it 100% biodegradable. Linen allows more airflow and is highly absorbent which is what one needs on hot summer nights. It gets softer after every wash. It’s stronger than cotton and can last for decades if properly cared for which makes up for the initial higher cost. 

But above all... it’s sooooo comfortable.

So yes, you will be sleeping in a bed made up with natural linen, intentionally unironed.

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