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Charging batteries in multiple ways

We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time! Choosing solar panels is a significant investment and requires in depth study and research. Once we knew what we wanted and needed we had to find a reliable professional who would take the instalment seriously and have our interest at heart at all times. Specific measurements were taken of our daily energy use and hourly fluctuations during a week. At this moment the first panels are being installed on our roof after 4 days of preparatory work.

Energy prices are soaring in Spain at the moment so it feels like our decision was timely. Are you interested in solar panels and do you want to pick our brains? How can you optimise using solar, even at night? We will be 97% independent from the energy provider during 6 months of the year and that really thrills us.

Come and stay in our studio, we have a last minute opening for this weekend (special price €250 for three nights), It will give us time to discuss and show you the process in full swing.

You may even have time to relax, enjoy yourself and go for swim ;)

Send us your reservation: or request availability if these dates don't work for you.

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