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Before & After - Kitchen garden

This week we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our Back to La Tierra project. On this third photo in the Before & After series check out our kitchen garden! The first two years the focus was primarily on the planting of perennials in the lower garden which meant it took some time before we could eat our own home grown vegetables. We knew where we wanted it, we had had it there before, but we wanted to expand, use the space optimally and improve the soil.

Sebastian made a huge contribution to this project together with cousin Lucas from Sweden. But even the BEFORE required a lot of preparation, you can see one of our brilliant helpx’ers Paul from Bordeaux in action in 2018.

We have lettuce, parsley, kale, fennel, celery, rucola and cabbage to our heart's content. The tomato plants are growing, the peppers, onions and leek are almost ready to harvest. Such a blessing to just walk into the garden and decide what to have for dinner :)

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