It's official!

Have you been asking more and more questions lately about what could be done differently? Both in your own garden/household and in the world at large? Join one of our courses. It's fun, a great way to meet likeminded souls (max 8 others) and let's just say it feels good to become part of the solution.

It's official! Our first Introduction to permaculture workshop is on Saturday 26th of September 2020! If you are receiving this into your mail box you are the first to find out! We are expecting a lot of interest next week due to a 4 page article in the Essential Magazine on our BtLT project and we want to make sure YOU, our loyal followers find out before anyone else! If you have been waiting for the dates to come out then you can read the details here.

Intro to permaculture *Saturday, Sept. 26 - 2020 -10:00-15:00*

including light lunch, water, coffee/tea

PRICE €55 (max 8 participants)

Sign up HERE

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