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When we received our first guests in April 2019 we had a rough plan for the next 18 months. Now that September 2020 is around the corner and the interest in our lifestyle and project is growing, we want to just stop and appreciate everything we have been blessed with. We are grateful to be healthy and happy, to have the support of our children and our family. We thank our friends for believing in us and all the wonderful volunteers for contributing in so many ways.

Needless to say 2020 has been beyond interesting so far. May we remember all that's possible, to support each other in discovering new avenues if the old ones turn out to be dead ends. Realise that the 'news' is not all the news.

We are updating our web site and have included some info on our 'teamwork'. In the end that's what it's all about.

We are great believers in DIY which resulted in creating this web site & logo etc ourselves (and pretty much everything else on site). The reason we do it ourselves is because we prefer to invest in trees, shredders and lovely linen for our guests (see: choices & balancing). 

- Marina writes for the website, arranges social media, the journal and member mailings because she loves to find those calming moments of inspiration behind her laptop. She makes sure you find us, that your room looks warm and welcoming and she offers a morning Joyga practise to start your day in the most wonderful way.  

- Paul is happiest digging the soil, building sheds, planting trees and painting portraits which is why he chose to introduce himself in this video recorded in 2018. He also loves to show you around in the garden and share his insights and experiences on our permaculture journey in a workshop or course. (Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for dates)

- Tessa has a real flair for knowing what works online and she is informing Paul's art followers of his latest pieces and arranging art work and exhibitions beautifully.

- Sebastian used to be a great observer of everything considered irrelevant in ordinary school life and now turns out to be an incredibly valuable permaculture asset and eco-builder.

- And a special thank you and recognition to all our (HelpX) volunteers who have contributed, are contributing and will contribute to Back to La Tierra and our lives in so many ways! They are all planting their own tree and have to promise to come back to see it growing...

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