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A breath of fresh air at Back to la Tierra

Updated: May 31, 2020

From today masks are obligatory in Spain in public spaces and on the streets.

Back to La Tierra is a mask free environment. Taking deep breaths of 'campo' air has never been appreciated in quite the same way. Our spacious 4000m garden with many private spots and a limited number of guests (max 10) on site makes social distancing, if needed, rather effortless.

Because a breath of fresh air can come in many forms we want to offer inspiration and ideas in these rather chaotic times. As they say, chaos is an opportunity for change and all change starts with grass roots. Learn from the pioneers, the insightful and the creative spirits and share your own experiences and wisdom.

We will be offering talks/workshops/courses in a small group setting outside in our garden and in our open lotus belle tent varying from yoga, permaculture, art, creative writing, breathwork, motivational talks & life stories from a selection of local inspirators and creatives who will be on the earthy Back to La Tierra stage!

Do you want to be kept informed? Watch this space!

Do you want to get on stage? Please send me a message (info at backtolatierra dot com)

Do you like the idea? Please share this link.

In the meantime, keep breathing.

Hasta pronto!

Paul & Marina

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